How to get my wife proactive involved in the family budget rather than reactive at the end of the month?

Posted on in r/personalfinance by u/DouggieFressh on 9/28/2018 

We have a budget. We work off of it every month. I live or die by the budget. Currently, I keep it all on spreadsheets. I love excel. But for my wife, it's a killer. She hates math, hates spreadsheets, and hates budgeting. I keep a running total and always know what we have left. But that involves opening OneDrive and checking the spreadsheet. It is just currently not working.

So just wondering if anyone else has gone through something similar, where one party was super into budgeting, but the other wasn't. What finally worked? Did you switch to an app? Switch to cash? I need her to be proactive in her spending, seeing what we had left when she spends it, rather than reconciling it at the end of the week/month, when we already went over budget.



  1. Your wife's dislike for all things budgeting is common. At least 3 out of 4 households in the United States do not prepare a monthly budget.

    Do yourself, your wife and your marriage a favor by switching to the only tool in existence that you can use to manage your future money without budgeting or tracking expenses. Income Companion automatically projects your future cash flow for the next 12 months. The program gives you a "bottom line" that twice a month shows you if planned spending is less than expected income. You have a clear picture of your future money so that you can make adjustments to planned spending as needed.

    There is no monthly budget meeting with Income Companion. Your involvement with the program is to keep up with changes (including credit card transactions), reconcile and balance monthly statements as well as pay bills twice a month. The program does the rest.

    I think your wife will enjoy being able to see your future money when she doesn't have to do anything to make that happen.


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