In high school but wanna learn about budgeting and saving money for my future

Posted on in r/personalfinance by u/_m1me on 9/27/2018
I really wanna know if there is like a website or group that I can go to that I can learn to balance a checking account, budget, savings, etc. My mom really doesn't have time to explain all of this to me and there aren't any classes that I can take in my school to learn about this stuff until senior. I also want to start investing as soon as possible. So any information that you have would be amazing.


  1. I applaud your concern about your financial future. Unfortunately, even when you become a senior you will probably find out that the classes being taught are of little use when it comes to managing your future cash flow which is essential for effectively planning your day-to-day money.

    I suggest you start now to learn both how your money works and how to use a tool that works the same way. Download the program and work your way through the set up steps. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask. Use any of the email links on the Income Companion Help menu. You will get an answer.

    Good luck to you. I sense that you have a wonderful financial life ahead of you. Use Income Companion to make that life easy and productive.


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